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Get familiar with the smooth rock sounds from Greasy Hands' self-titled debut album [Premiere]

Greasy Hands is a four-man rock band formed in Baltimore. Made up of Aaron Walker on piano and keyboards, Andrew Schuster on drums/guitar, Ari Lesser on guitar, and Coleman Anderson on bass/guitar, the band has just released their debut self-titled LP.

The 13 track project showcases the band's multi-layered and eclectic styles that mesh together heartfelt rock ballads and pop-influenced elements. The LP quickly kicks off with a smooth opener "Willow B", which exudes a nostalgia-inducing vibe, the tone is set. Then, tracks like the rousing "Regina" and solemn "Crazy"  show the band's songwriting depth. The soulful piano progression on "Ground on Ground" helps switch things up and displays the versatile sound and emotion this band can summon.

In summary, the LP is a triumphant showcase of the group’s musicality with tracks ranging from heart-wrenching ballads to fantastical progressive compositions.

They are currently preparing to go on a nationwide tour in support of their new LP.

Connect with  Greasy Hands: Bandcamp | Facebook |Twitter | Instagram


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