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Joyce Muniz raises temperatures to '39 Degrees' in groovy new EP

Refining her signature contemporary twist on classic house sounds, Brazilian, Austria-based producer and DJ Joyce Muniz is a dance luminary; starting out as a singer, Muniz utilizes the aforementioned skill to combine in powerful synergy with her slick production sound and her skills as a selector - each facet of her creative output feeding into and fuelling one another. 39 Degrees is the consequent result of amassing her multi-faceted skills into one; it's a truly groovy EP that perfectly displays her growth as a producer.

Beginning with the original mix of "Get 'Em", the EP starts off fuelled by a thumping drum workout, choppy bass hits and vintage string stabs whilst infectious vocal hooks tie it all together. The sporadic yet soothingly calculated atmospheric fillers, further drive the track into a nice groove perfect for dancing. Following, "Morning Stories" ups the tempo and the percussions a tad bit more, with heavy emphasis on the pulsating melodies and an off-kilter, haunting stab sequences that floats along the deep-seated bass line. 

The third and final original from Muniz and the titular track of the EP is "39 Degrees". Embodying a lean groove and modulated drums, Muniz grabs the listeners in with vibrant chords and a funky ambiance. Along with the original mix, the EP also includes Bushwacka!'s take on "39 Degrees". Bringing powerful drums into the centre of attention, the track becomes one of fluttering chords and classic dub sounds, keeping the original vocals in as beautiful interwoven hooks amidst the myriad of shuffling melodies.


Connect with Joyce Muniz: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

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