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Geo Gabriel finds his "Destiny"

Although he may be known more for his work behind the scenes with some of pop music’s biggest names, singer and producer Geo Gabriel is ready to step out on his own with the uplifting single “Destiny.” The London artist’s soulful vocals have led him to work with people like Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z, and Madonna, but on “Destiny” his vocal skills are alone in the spotlight and they do not disappoint.

Gabriel has worked in many different genres throughout his career in the music industry, but he describes his solo work as having a, “bedrock of soul.” The single “Destiny” certainly fits that bill. The song’s irresistible driving drum beat and shimmering chords provide a nonstop groove and ample foundation for Gabriel’s elastic vocals. His lyrics reflect someone who has spent a long time in the industry not for the fame, but because it is truly his calling or, in his own words, his destiny. In the hooks, he sings, “It’s my destiny, it’s meant to be / there’s no mistakin,’ ain’t no fakin,’ all can see.” With his breadth of experience and musical skills showcased on “Destiny,” it’s easy to see how Geo Gabriel is ready to step out from the shadows of others.

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