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Nestle in with dream beach's crisp, sentimental "Our Last Dance" [Premiere]

Shape-shifting. In many ways its the mark of a true artist. Method actors disappear into character, and the same can be said for musicians. It's what makes artists like electronic singer-songwriter dream beach so exciting.

Fans of the hardcore realm will recognize the long mop on dream beach's Andrew Oliver from his other project, the band I See Stars. As the creative mastermind behind dream beach and the drummer for I See Stars, Oliver seamlessly embodies both the serene and the frenetic. The second single from dream beach's solo debut EP Lost Angel, "Our Last Dance" (feat. VLPXX) is a plucky, wistful daydream of a track, and we're honored to premiere it right here on EARMILK.

dream beach debuted back in 2015 on Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs label with the adorable and buoyant "Missing Piece." On course to release his first solo body of work on November 2 with Hush Hush Records, dream beach follows up Lost Angel's yearning lead single "Want Me" with the hypnotic "Our Last Dance." The three years that have elapsed since the first offering have provided a marked layer of maturity to dream beach's work, as indicated by these two releases. Giving "Our Last Dance" an obligatory three or four listens as I did to write this article is like peering into one of those hand-held kaleidoscopes your grandfather had in his study. Every time you revisit the vessel, a new wonderland awaits. While VLPXX's effervescent vocals infuse lightheartedness, the track's melancholic production (driving low end, the sample of a hushed answering machine recording) signal otherwise. Sonic elements at gentle odds create a nostalgic tension wrought for a late night drive or a quiet ponder. Dive in.

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