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Westerman takes flight in the kooky video for "Albatross"

What's more enjoyable than a mysterious oddball dancing in his pajamas all alone in the Powell-Cotton Museum surrounded by taxidermied animals? Honestly, I can't think of anything. West London's Westerman is my favorite type of kook. He hinges his entire essence on an earnest conviction all while being humorously self-aware. Despite the playfulness, Westerman crafts artistic alternative pop songs that are both soothing and ruminant. In "Albatross," we see this balance come to life in a heartful synth-pop love song depicted through frolicsome images that show us it is okay to have fun with these tunes.

"Albatross" opens on a pack of staged gazelle staring blankly as the camera zooms out to reveal our protagonist in slick silk pajamas. Shot on film, the look is immediately warm and inviting as we are taken on an enchanting, surrealistic journey spent in the singer's mind. He ponders the world around him and searches for his 'Lady Albatross.'

What is so genius about this video is at first glance it seems like a common case of baseless juxtaposition -- a funny video paired with a serious song -- but every moment ties back to the melancholy, lonely longing reflected in the lyrics. When the protagonist finally finds his Lady Albatross, the real boogying begins.

I'm actually obsessed with Westerman's moves. He's like a British version of Amen Dunes bopping along subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, to the bouncy synth lines and groovy bass. As the final chorus soars ever higher, Westerman sports a bedazzled vest of triumph, showing us that it will all be okay.

"Albatross" is the latest glimpse of Westerman's upcoming EP, Ark, due out November 9th on Blue Flowers Music.

If you're in the UK, catch Westerman on tour now:

10/11 - Southampton, UK @ Heartbreakers

10/12 - Bristol, UK @ The Crofters

10/13 - Cardiff, UK @ Clwb lfor Bach

10/16 - Leeds, UK @ Hyde Park Book Club

10/17 - Manchester, UK @ Now Wave Venue

10/18 - London, UK @ Oslo Hackney

10/31 - Gent, Belguim @ Trefunt

11/1 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Sufargactory

11/2 - Berlin, Germany @ Maze

11/27 - Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere

11/29 - Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge

Connect with Westerman: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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