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UMI cuts right to the heart with latest video, "Remember Me"

Finally! Almost seven months have crawled by since LA-based lo-fi pop artist UMI dropped “T-Shirt,” an amazingly compact package of a song/video that demands continuous views. However, the drought is over. Feast your eyes and ears on UMI’s latest video, “Remember Me.”

“Remember Me” starts with a few shots of different people sitting and staring longingly as a simple instrumental loops in the background. Once we hit the title card UMI begins to sing. But, the video then changes tempo.

“Remember Me” finds UMI speaking to a past love. She’s talking about how she’s matured and grown. While, the video in the background is showing different couples being all cute and in love. The juxtaposition works exceptionally well, pulling any viewer with half a heart into the past right along with her. That nostalgia doesn’t last forever, though. Just before the video ends, we’re pulled into the present wherein UMI shifts the filter, and we see all the individuals of those lovey-dovey couples sitting alone.

Once again, UMI has nailed it with her latest flick. Moving on from a relationship isn’t exactly groundbreaking lyrical territory, but UMI delivers it in a raw and personal way that makes her spin on things feel fresh. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another seven months for the follow-up.

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Lo-Fi · R&B · Soul


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