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Maydien and Pastel have enough heat to get you through the winter on "G.T.F.O.H"

Great Britain and The Netherlands collide on one hell of a groovy, bouncy soul track with Maydien and Pastel’s “G.T.F.O.H.”

Produced by Pastel with vocals from Maydien, “G.T.F.O.H” is so warm and sunny you’d half expect a palm tree to start growing out of your speakers. Pastel starts the jam out with this lazy and colorful guitar lick, easing your mood to settle in for the rest of the track. However, just as you’re getting cozy, Pastel flips the thing entirely, injecting some serious bounce to shake you out of your fog. From there, Maydien takes control of the wheel and steers this thing into summer jam territory. Thereby transforming what was once a song made for hammocks, to a track designed for windows rolled down and volume knobs cranked way the fuck up.

“When I heard Pastel's instrumental I instantly started smiling - thinking of palm trees - and saw myself walking through a big angry group of people minding my own business,” says Maydien of the song. Indeed, “G.T.F.O.H” has enough juice to make the entire world slip away the moment you press play.

Connect with Maydien: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Pastel: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Soul · Soul-Hop


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