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Judson Wright celebrates life on "Lay Low"

Singer-songwriter Judson Wright is done with the never-ending hurdles life throws at us - and he's decided to convey a positive message in the face of daily struggles. On his new song "Lay Low", Judson exudes the aforementioned attitude with much gusto. To accomplish his mission the burgeoning Mississippi talent recruits Captain and K-Twist for some epic production, as the duo provide the perfect anthemic soundscape that fits the carefree, joyous vibe. The singer reinforces his victories gallantly as he switches back and forth between the celebratory chorus and the melody-laced rap verses. He further adds that "...the song focuses on the power of expression and presence in the times of controversy..."
"Lay Low" is the solid follow up to his upbeat cut "I Ran" and once again shows Wright's knack for crafting tracks rooted in substantial messages, while being down-right catchy all the same.  Get it on Apple Music // Spotify

Connect with Judson Wright : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B · Hip-Hop


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