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Dim Sum blends jazzy house with rich ambient sounds in latest single "Ange"

Indie-electronic producer Dim Sum is back with a new single, "Ange", via Soundress, taken from his upcoming EP. This latest track is an exemplary display of Dim Sum's ability to bridge the relationship between space and mood through focused sound production. EARMILK has an exclusive premiere, just hit play below: 

With a tightly focused rhythm, "Ange" sets free to a track full of colorful sounds, funky basslines, and vibrant textures. As the song progresses, Dim Sum refrains from adding too much complexity in the mix which preserves the ethereal identity and the forward moving bounce of the track. It's what makes his unique blend of indie-electronic, house and introspective ambient music so easily replayable. While listening to this track, you can so easily get lost in a park admiring the beauty of the moving clouds as much as you can dance freely with your friends.

Though the production is beautifully crisp, there's a sense of intimacy and ownership that exudes from it. It's a wonderful marriage of free-flowing jazz and purposeful production. Dim Sum further explains,“‘Ange" is the second single from my new EP which will be out in December. It is a very important track for me because it is based on samples of my girlfriend’s voice. This is a track about childhood and nostalgia.”

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