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Robotaki brings Salt Cathedral's "Rude Boy" to life in new remix

When New York based electronic pop duo Salt Cathedral released their farewell to Summer single "Rude Boy" back in August, it encompassed the feeling of winding down and shifting gears to accommodate the change of pace that Autumn often demands. The track's pop production features qualities that allow for it to be placed on a multitude of playlists, Summer or Autumn based, without seeming out of place or overwhelming in sound. The duo, made up of Juli and Nico, exhibits clear Caribbean and Columbian influences throughout their growing discography, which gives off powerful island vibes. Just when we thought "Rude Boy" couldn't get any better, Salt Cathedral released two remixes of the track, one by themselves, and the other by Canadian producer Robotaki

Robotaki is best known for his ability to draw from funk, disco, and electronic influences to create distinctive moments on both his remixes and original tracks, and his take on "Rude Boy" is no different. Robotaki's production here is transformative, adding elements of modern production to slight 70s disco and rock features. These additions elevate "Rude Boy" to a higher level than ever before as it assists in bridging the gap between Autumn and Summer. Salt Cathedral's reflection of Autumn is retained in the feeling of how the lyrics are delivered, and the carefree energy of Summer is recreated during Robotaki's production.

"Rude Boy" (Remixes) is available for streaming and purchase here

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