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Alexander Mack looks forward on "Small Time"

Alexander Mack gives us raps with an old school approach and a young energy. He just released "Small Time," a track that shows his youth is his greatest asset. He keeps his soulful rap style to spit about his steady grind; he discusses sleepless nights, his work ethic, student debt, and other motivations. He reflects on how far he has come, but acknowledges how far he has to go. "Small Time" is another showcase of the refreshing simplicity he brings to hip-hop. Mack stretches rhymes over the boom-bap instrumental while the soulful hook hits and reinforces the song's encouraging perspective.

The Virginia-based artist seems to have a straightforward outlook on music: he will continue to work his ass off and put out great music. The growth is already showing, but he is sure to be a fun artist to watch as he continues to etch out a lane for himself.      


Connect with Alexander Mack: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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