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mona on the radio drops pop-rap anthem "Namaste" [Video]

Inspired by turn of the millennium juggernauts like NSYNC and 98 Degrees, the bubblegum-rap artist mona on the radio, is an aficionado for molding and amalgamating the nostalgia of childhood dreams with 21st century SoundCloud sensibilities. Interestingly about all things surreal but ultimately relatable, mona synthesizes these elements into "Namaste" - an empowering pop-rap anthem that urges to “invest in a start-up, invest in yourself, take a few seconds and let out a yell, rawr.”

"Namaste" is a smooth, pop-rap track that flows seamlessly in between genres, emanating feel-good vibes for easy-listening; with his multi-faceted vocal manipulation, mona is able to easily convey his message across all channels in a natural, fun way. To further illustrate, mona also released a vivacious music video in a square format, reminiscent of antique box televisions. Alternating between neon gym outfits, uptight office wear, and a traditional Victorian dress, we see mona in a variety of bright, pastel-tinged shots that pair well with the upbeat tempo of "Namaste", letting his personality shine bright and ring true. 

Buy/stream "Namaste" here.

Connect with mona on the radio: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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