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Jaydon Lewis releases "Runaway" featuring ChianoSky

17-year old DJ and producer Jaydon Lewis, notably recognized as one of the fastest rising acts in music, delivers a sonic symphony in collaboration with singer-songwriter ChianoSky. Entitled "Runaway," it is the newest single to add to the South African producer's burgeoning repertoire, a beautiful electro-pop delight.

"Runaway" opens with soothing hums whilst quickly progressing into an uptempo, dance-worthy track. The multi-layered composition carefully balances a distinct sound oscillating between modern pop and 90’s house stylings, illuminating ChianoSky's sweet voice as the centrepiece of attention. Lewis's use of a deep bass line reminiscent of ones heard in bouncy UK house, creates an even more evocative song - soulful tangents flawlessly mixed into the tightly packed layers of sounds for even more feel-good audial dreamscape.

Lewis shares of the journey of making the song, "Runaway has been a really fun process. I always had the idea of creating a song based on groove and funk while being catchy. The song consists of a lot of organic elements and lush sounding sounds. I added so many background sounds just to give the track more texture, and worked on structure."

ChianoSky agrees, "Collaborating with Jaydon was so easy; we shared the same vision and I think ultimately, wanted to make people feel good. I love the soulful elements he brought to this track - it inspired me to write a love that doesn't have time to waste."

Connect with Jaydon Lewis: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with ChianoSky: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Dance · Electro Pop · Pop


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