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The Rose’s ‘She’s In The Rain’ is a beautiful serenade for lonely hearts

South Korean indie rock band The Rose don’t need much to convey the passion in their message. This is especially apparent in their new single “She’s In The Rain,” the title track off of The Rose’s long-awaited album Dawn, released October 4. Using only a few instruments and their expressive voices, members Woosung (also known as Sammy), Dojoon, Jaehyeong, and Hajoon deliver a lovely, sentimental ballad that reminds listeners that they are never truly alone.

It’s with the sound of soft rainfall that “She’s In The Rain” begins, soon followed by the delicate strumming of an acoustic guitar and member Sammy’s breathy tenor vocals. His voice cracks and his vibrato wanders, a signature of the lead singer that allows him to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics. He sings about lonesomeness, likening it to the feeling of walking by yourself into the rain. This simple melody continues, and besides the addition of a few strings, it continues this way until after the first chorus, when the song suddenly bursts with an echoing, anthemic refrain.

The song’s narration shifts to a more hopeful tone, with member Dojoon giving reassurance that this lonely person is not only seen, but that he will walk in the rain to join them. Sammy relays this message as his soft murmur turns into a powerful belt: “You wanna hurt yourself, I’ll stay with you/ [...] / It’s better to be held than holding on/ We’re in the rain.”

The visual for “She’s In The Rain” retains the beautiful simplicity of the song, with each thoughtful shot supporting its message. The members begin alone in black and white, staring into the camera. A man follows a woman wearing headphones. She's isolated from the world around her. But then the members jam together, and the scene is awash with color. Finally, the man walks up to the lonely woman and carefully takes her headphones off, as Sammy, Dojoon, and Jaehyeong sing in harmony, “we’re in the rain.”

Dawn follows The Rose’s April release, Void, an LP that explored the moments of darkness that exist in between those of happiness. This mini-album includes the hits “Sorry” and “Baby.” Dawn has four other tracks, including “I Don’t Know You,” “Take Me Down,” “Insomnia,” and an instrumental version of “She’s In The Rain.”  

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