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Zoe Nicole seeks some answers on "Crave"

Rising singer/songwriter Zoe Nicole delivers her sophomore single "Crave" in collaboration with producer Ari Gumora, better known as Crow. Over a dreamy, upbeat soundscape, the singer takes some time to dive into her personal fantasies. Her sultry vocals easily drive the message forward with its no holds barred approach as she puts everything aside for that one person whom she is totally enamored of. The track is quite entertaining too a sit slowly builds from a minimal synth intro into an RnB styled pop record with lush soundscapes and soothing melodies to match.

The LA-based singer adds that the inspiration of the song came about in a tumultuous time in her life and she needed an escape from reality. She is presently working with producer  Crow (who produced her official debut single "Hurt You") on more music.

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