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Iconic UK duo Groove Armada releases impressive 'House Musique' [EP]

With a breadth of experience spanning decades-long, Andy Cato and Tom Findlay of Groove Armada are undoubtedly one of the most influential and best selling electronic acts of the modern era. Sticking true to the classics whilst continuously innovating, the duo makes their label debut on Butler’s flourishing Origins Rcrds to drop their two-track EP House Musique.

House Musique is a classically structured EP and opens with the titular track "House Musique"; an opening proceeding with style, the track bounces back and forth between old school house production and fresh drawled-out arrangements. Distorted vocal cuts are layered on top of nostalgic percussion breaks, resonating with the chord-driven melodies the duo pushes forward - ultimately a refreshing and infectious feel-good jam.

With "JB And The Drive", we find smoother percussion arrangements are emphasized, with the beginning of the track solely focused on it. The modulated hi-hats progressively aligns itself with robust vocal hooks, crafting a groovy track that showcases all the reasons why they've maintained their popularity and reputation for so long.

Connect with Groove Armada: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook



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