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"Pork Chop Express" is the driving dance floor cut from PBR Streetgang [Premiere]

Performing as an energetic duo for 15 years and a decade since they released their debut record on Red Music Records, PBR Streetgang is the disco-boogie infused brainchild of Bonar Bradberry and Thom Thorpe. With releases on Crosstown Rebels, Futureboogie, 20:20 Vision and Skint, PBR Streetgang return to the latter with new EP THNKLV.

Following on from the incredible 'Late Night Party Line' album on Skint earlier this year, the THNKLV EP is a three tracker showcasing the duo's passion for creating music that feels good and sounds better. The title track, "THNKLV - Extended Mix", is an uplifting anthem fusing together soaring vocals about love and authentic, house-tinged piano - setting the scene for the sound to follow. "Pork Chop Express" is a groovy, percussive track which takes the EP a little deeper, moving through stuttering vocals and captivating synths - it's a continual looping builder, with almost 8 relentless minutes of funk laden bassline and train recordings to boot. No less funky than it's predecessors, drenched in the sound of Italo Disco with more swirling synths, "500 BC" closes out the EP with a heady and hypnotic sound.

THNKLV is out now via Skint Records and available to stream/purchase HERE

Connect with PBR Streetgang: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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