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filous and Klei partner up to ride their nostalgia-fuelled "Bicycle" down the road [Premiere]

Known for his hazy, feel-good soundscapes reverberating with nostalgic incandescence, 21-year old Austrian producer filous is a prodigy in melding indie and pop influences into evocative electronic compositions. With songs dripping with warmth and honeyed lyricism, fans are often but not waiting eagerly for his next release.

Now, back with another feel-good jam is "Bicycle" featuring Klei, co-produced with Australian producer Golden Vessel.

Having already collaborated with Klei once before on the smooth 2017 track "Knots", the duo's affinity for each other is evident in "Bicycle". filous' classic organic instrumentals (in the form of soothing guitar riffs) lead the way for Klei's silken vocals to take the wheel, driving the intricate track forward in a nostalgia-fueled happy-go-lucky ambiance. The indie-infused gem makes for a delicate airiness that one might find riding their bicycle down a tree-lined path, filled with sunshine on a fresh spring day. 

filous says, "One Austrian, one English and one Australian kid meeting in LA and jamming an idea for a few hours that ended up becoming this song. Bicycle is also a song that really bridges old and new, from instrumentation to vocal recording, mixing and mastering. We mostly used vintage equipment and instruments and combined them with modern production and processing techniques."

filous will be going on his Tandem Tour starting on October 17th in Munich, Germany.

Connect with filous: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Klei: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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