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Poodeezy continues to stand up and remind the world it's still "Hard For a Native" [Video Premiere]

There's definitely is no shortage of talent coming out of the SoCal hip-hop scene right now, and one example of that talent is Poodeezy. His name has been buzzing in the underground for a minute following the success of his latest EP, Trap Native 2.0. Today, EARMILK has the pleasure to premiere his latest video for his newest single “Hard For a Native". Hit play below:

The song paints the story of maintaining cultural pride and courage despite the sociological hardships and injustices that constantly plagues many Native Americans. Always proudly reppin his Kumeyaay Native American heritage, Poodeezy delivers each sharp verse as an eccentric peak into the hardships and uphill battles of his life, unraveling his intoxicating personality as we hear compelling lyricism on the Mexico Merio-produced banger.

The gorgeous cinematography comes from director and visionary Thomas Tyrell. His keen eye for detail and simplicity make this video that much more enthralling combining modern urban backdrops and traditional native dance/attire. “Hard For a Native” is a well-executed release both audibly and visually and is proof that the San Diego rapper is about to become one of Hip Hop's most promising artist. Check out the new video above and enjoy.

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