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Young Rising Sons channel inner chaos in “Scatterbrain”

More than just another Jersey band, Young Rising Sons are bound together by a deep bond rooted in strength and determination. Constantly growing and evolving as artists, they’ve just released their highly anticipated new single “Scatterbrain”.  Featuring a solid drumbeat and soaring synths, atop crisp stunning vocals the track seamlessly showcases their exceptional alt rock sound.

“Scatterbrain” details the turmoil and confusion of feeling something, but not knowing how to process it. Most of us can relate to the anxiety of carrying around emotional baggage. The kind that weighs you down so much to the point where you can barely function and long to get back to a feeling of ‘normality’. With a million different things going on at once, at times just existing can be overwhelming - it’s not easy to balance it all when you’re trapped inside your head.

It's reflective, intense subject matters such as these that bring Young Rising Sons together sharing similar ideas and emotions. Their natural chemistry has been present right from the start.  Stumbling into a dive bar, bassist Julian Dimagiba and drummer Steve Patrick had a chance encounter with Andy Togren and from there Young Rising Sons was born.

Now they have gained the attention of fans and industry alike performing across the U.S. with artists such as Halsey and The 1975, it seems Young Rising Sons have developed into a family setting the foundation for incredible artistry for years to come.

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