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Robotaki remixes 88rising's "History" featuring Rich Brian

With quirky yet refreshing artists like Rich Brian and Higher Brothers88rising is an authority on how to create a new culture of music, referencing both Eastern and Western influences to meld together a sound that is irrevocably relevant today. Earlier this year, 88rising released collaborative album Head In The Clouds featuring a roster of their best earth-shattering performers; now, to further amp up the pop-culture crossovers, 88rising has begun releasing official remixes from the album - notably charismatic Toronto-based producer Robotaki's remix of "History" featuring Rich Brian.

Taking the quirky and almost unorthodox original, the Toronto-based maestro gives "History" a new coat of sultry finesse - a production of considerable virtuosity. Dripping with confidence, the original sound is layered with impeccable funk-influenced synths - utterly smooth and oozing with feel-good vibes. Robotaki's signature production style is clearly heard throughout the remix whilst displaying a more mature sound he has crafted over the last few months. It is without a doubt, inspiring and exciting to see him step outside of his box a bit more and contribute to the rising Asian American pop-culture crossover that 88rising strives for.

Equally as excited, Robotaki also agrees; "I couldn’t be more excited to partner with 88rising for this remix. The movement they have created is inspiring and means so much to a lot of people globally; myself included."


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