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Daphne and the Fuzz share "Space and Sound" ahead of new album '2AM' [Video Premiere]

Approaching the release of their sophomore album, Greek electronic dream pop band Daphne and the Fuzz are debuting another album track called “Space and Sound.” This second single blends elements of dance and synth pop along with more psychedelic and electronic influence. “Space and Sound” together with its equally hazy shimmering video, is like entering an alternate dream world.

Directed by singer Daphne Lazou, the video follows Lazou as she is “having some VR dreams in my filled-with–audio tapes-bathtub” while getting lost in the technology. In describing the video, Lazou says, "Can we distinguish reality from fantasy? Have our past lovers really been there or did we just dream about them? ‘Space and Sound’ seems to be the only proof for me and that was what I tried to explain.”

"Space and Sound" is a cerebral and serene track that boasts an alluring thread of soul. If there were a scale of Amy Winehouse to Washed Out, you would find this smack in the middle. However from the album, you can expect a variety of influences from dance to post punk. Look for Daphne and the Fuzz to release their mind-bending album 2AM via Inner Ear Records on October 12th.

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