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Ariel releases infectious pop anthem "In-N-Out"

Ariel  has released her third pop chorus “In-N-Out”; a rhythmic, fast-paced, intricate piece of artistry. The UK based singer and producer does both under her own solo name, arranging colossal pop and R&B tracks expertly. 

Living above her parent’s garage, Ariel began writing and producing pop songs with a laptop and a microphone. You don't need many tools when creativity comes naturally. Following two singles both released this past summer, “In-N-Out” is another stand-alone. With the bass line pre-chorus building you up to the darting chorus, this single is succeeding in portraying Ariel as a rising pop-anthem queen. I’m drawn to this song because it handles present issues, this one, in particular, being how the entertainment industry can accept and then reject young women.

An infectious beat has me hitting repeat all day on this one.

Ariel has announced a debut live performance in a secret, to be announced London venue on February 6th, 2019. As for right now:

Connect with Ariel online: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Listen to her music: Soundcloud | Spotify

Main Stage · Pop · R&B


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