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"Everything Felt Right" in Mark Redito's newest release

Formerly known as Spazzkid, Los Angeles-based musician extraordinaire Mark Redito has been on quite the long and rewarding journey. His evolving sound of electronic pop, J-pop and beat music influences, have earned him recognition in the music world for his alluring innovative tracks, each uniquely different - but for all the right reasons. As if to really show the world his versatility and his passionate take on music, Mark has released his newest single "Everything Felt Right", an intimately personal song heavily influenced by tropical and dancehall vibes.

Beginning with a steady drum beat, "Everything Felt Right" is a feel-good song that hits you right off the bat with a sense of peace and fulfillment. Dreamy vocals take charge, highlighting the moderated percussions and cymbals in the background, alongside the tropical beats that weave in and out throughout. Infectiously groovy, Mark showcases his other array of talents to create a truly unique sound; near the end of the track, the sounds of a flute can be heard, wrapping up the song in an uplifting, happy melody in sync with the sounds of what appears to be water dripping. Interestingly enough, the cover for the track shows Mark playing the flute, illustrating a sense of calmness, peace and overall as aptly named, feeling that everything is just right. It's really just about those magical moments when you're in the right place, at the right time.

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Dance · Tropical


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