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Too Many Zooz debuts the witty 'Car Alarm' single and video [Premiere]

Too Many Zooz come from humble beginnings. The New York City band made up of baritone saxophonist Leo Pellegrino, Matt “Doe” Muirhead (trumpet) and David “King of Sludge” Parks (drums) has made a proper showing of making their way to the top of the musical ladder. But through backing up Beyoncé, being heard on collaborations with artists likeKaskade and Jess Glynne, the guys have brought their brass house style a long way from subway performances. Their track "Warriors" was picked up off of their 2016 album Subway Gawdz, remixed and included as the face of the Google Pixel 2 ad campaign in 2018, marking a sort of relaunch for the band as they gear up to release new music.
That time has now come as Too Many Zooz is back with their latest original "Car Alarm." A witty take on everyday noises and annoyances, the group creatively gives a new purpose to the horn of a car alarm as they expertly integrated it into the track. In standard form they've also incorporated it into a video sequence that shows their undeniable energy even in a parking lot. A collaborative work between producers and the band, director Ethan Scarduzio "thought it was important to provide just enough of a narrative (the thief setting off the car alarm) to add some mystery and pique the audience's interest." He also felt "It was also important that the video be a long, continuous take for two reasons: One, it keeps the ever-shorter attention span of social media viewers focused on the band's incredible, unedited performance. And two, I wanted to keep it spiritually related to "Bedford," the first collaboration with Too Many Zooz that I was fortunate enough to have directed."
If there's one thing that Too Many Zooz confirm over and over again with videos like this, it's that their down to earth demeanor and connection to their home city will be consistent inspiration throughout their career. "Car Alarm" also marks the beginning of their US tour, which you can get more information on here.
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