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Sirens Of Lesbos release vintage disco-tinged single "Shotgun"

Sister duo, Jasmina and Nabyla Serag alongside Melvyn Buss and Arci Friede, make up the disco-loving group Sirens of Lesbos. They've just unveiled their latest release "Shotgun" and it's a vintage, disco-tinged, retro-inspired record, ready to take you back to the days of ABBA, glitter, bell bottoms, disco balls and sweaty dance floors. 

When speaking with us about the inspiration and writing process behind the track, the girls share, "Shotgun" is "an uplifting song with a driving bassline. That’s how the studio session started, actually. Arci, who writes most of our lyrics, had a creative low at that time. In order to be able to go on, we started to cut out, edit and re-arrange lyrics lines from ‘Fu-Gee-La’ and from songs of Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miseducation’ album."

"Shotgun" was born out of soul, funk and disco music. The group has more singles lined up and an album on the way. "What’s really important now, is to prepare our live set. We had a few requests from clubs and festivals after ‘We’ll Be Fine’ came out. But we don’t want to rush into something… These days we are putting together a band. After Jasmina will have returned from the Red Bull Music Academy at the end of October, we will start rehearsing and in a few months from now –when it feels right– we will book a tour." Give it a listen above and pre-order before it drops Friday HERE. 

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