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“MOP” is a hard new hip-hop track from Borgore featuring Gucci Mane & Thirty Rack

Unlike his usual tracks, Borgore decided to make a bold move bringing Gucci Mane and Thirty Rack, also known as Carnage onto his original beat. While Borgore is constantly releasing tracks ready to make you twerk, this one is a different story— incorporating an old school beat accompanied with a modern hip-hop vibe.

With the smoke filling the air, there is no denying this track is set to go off. All at once, Gucci Mane kicks the track up a notch and goes all in with an unapologetic flow and slashing through the lyrics with his rugged vocal delivery. Riding the wave, Borgore and Thirty Rack bring the hard-hitting deep bass along with sounds of gunshots to let you know they're not taking prisoners. Be prepared to mop the floor after, because when Thirty Rack hits any track it is destined to be dirty. 

Just in time to hear this get thrown down on main stage, Borgore and Carnage will be performing at RARE Orlando on October 6th, that's right DJ Carnage's very own festival featuring artists such as Steve Aoki, Keys and Krates and Kodak Black.

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