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Lolo Zouaï releases soulful ballad "For The Crowd"

With her recent electro R&B single "Challenge" stamping her mark in the music world, Lolo Zouaï is back again with her newest song "For The Crowd" as a soulful ballad that showcases her versatility and intrinsic vulnerability through powerful lyricism. 

While "Challenge" was a perfect blend of glossy 90’s R&B and bouncey Bay Area hip-hop, "For The Crowd" is stark contrast - a more down-tempo track that showcases her honey-toned vocals and authentic lyricism. Lolo's signature high and low tonal ranges, husky hums and tilted falsetto whispers reverberate through the song, a haunting nuance of acceptance and validation. Her fervent croons in the ballad are reflected in the chilling piano chords that weave in and out of the song. 

Speaking on the single, Lolo said:

“For the Crowd” started as a voice note I recorded in an Uber pool after going to a concert. I came into the studio the next day and played it for Stelios... he loved it. We quickly found the chords and wrote the first draft in an hour. It was a real moment.

This autumn, Lolo will be touring the US with Alina Baraz, and is looking forward to a string of dates across Europe for the winter.


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