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Lolo Zouaï yearns for a "Challenge" in latest electro R&B release

The silken vocals of Lolo Zouaï is undeniably sweet and soulful, evoking all the right emotions in us. The NYC-based songstress of Franco-Algerian descent, as if to pull on our heartstrings even more, has released a beautiful new single titled, "Challenge" - asking us to rise to it. 

With high and low tonal ranges, husky hums and tilted falsetto whispers, "Challenge" is an exquisite R&B song that perfectly showcases Lolo's myriad of talents and background. Beautifully smooth all throughout, the simple lyrics are exemplified by the gradual build-up of bass beats, curating a soulful ambiance. The catchy chorus, in conjunction with her sultry French lyrics, presents itself as unique and quintessentially Lolo. The consistent slower hums that lead into a catchy synth-driven drop adds to the uniqueness, driving home the sound. 

Speaking on the track, Lolo says, "“Challenge” started out as a beat that I made at a taco bar in the lower east side of NYC. I played the chords for Stelios and he brought it to life. As I came up with melodies on the mic, he produced the beat and then we wrote it together. That’s how we work on most of our songs. “Challenge” embodies the feeling of "the chase". It's a feminist anthem for someone who is tired of weak game and just wants to feel challenged emotionally and physically. Boss shit haha.”

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