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Emilio Rojas brings his lyrical mastery to life in new video “Crown of Thorns”

Emilio Rojas is an up and coming rapper from New York. As a young kid, displaced - he has felt like an outsider because of his Latino and Caucasian background, as well as dealing with an abusive father in a violent household.

Rojas is taking all that pain and growth, and putting it in his music. We hear the story in “Crown of Thorns” and see the visual interpretation in the video. Rojas is learning how to embrace old and new cultural traditions as well as insecurities of his own. It’s a process and a personal journey that Rojas so openly shares with his audience.

His openness is much welcomed - as hearing real-life stories like Rojas’s narrative is the kind of storytelling needed in this day and age. People want to hear the ‘real’, relate to it and celebrate it. 

Rojas’s lyrical mastery is undeniable as one hears grit, pain, and strength in his delivery. In the video, his master performances of the track are powerful as he is exuding emotion through his body language and facial expressions. He truly lets us in, and that makes his artistry that much more commendable. 

Emilio Rojas’s upcoming project “Life Got in the Way” is bound to impress.

Connect with Emilio: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud 

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