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SLANDER and RIOT team up for "You Don't Even Know Me"

After many monumental releases over the past few months, SLANDER is turning heads once again with their newest collaboration track with Israeli-duo RIOT, "You Don't Even Know Me" - a deadly melodic bass and dubstep ballad built upon layers of cinematic vocal cuts and polished bass lines.

Vocals play a significant part in "You Don't Know Me"; ethereal, glossy and slightly melancholic, SLANDER and RIOT pivots the attention between the melodic drops and strong layered vocals for an innovative coalescence of their signature sounds -  empathically emotive and atmospheric. With vocals crooning "I know I’m still the villain in your story / You look me in the eyes like you don’t even know me", SLANDER and RIOT paint a story of someone who really only wants to be understood by the person they want acknowledgement from the most. The infectious lyrics pairs well with the smooth reverberating bass lines, leading up to well-balanced drops that are gritty and raw with emotion. Notably the second drop, being devilishly bass-heavy, wraps up the song in a fresh new way that melds well with the rest of the atmospheric melody. 


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