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Vancouver Sleep Clinic teams up with Ebhoni on "Mercy"

The first complete Vancouver Sleep Clinic project, Revival, arrived in April of last year, and although it was long awaited, the Australian solo project of Tim Bettinson decided it best to capitalize on the momentum and keep the tunes coming. We're nearing the end of 2018 and have already received a five track EP, titled Therapy Phase 01, and nine singles, including Bettinson's latest release, "Mercy." The track is an ambient collaboration with Toronto native, pop-R&B singer Ebhoni.  

"Mercy" shows Vancouver Sleep Clinic stepping into Ebhoni's world of R&B rather than keeping with his usual melancholic vibe, but holds onto the electronic influences present throughout his discography. Having previously worked alongside Drew Love and Raury, Bettinson is in his most organic, naturally flowing state when he's alongside Ebhoni on "Mercy." His lyrical delivery appears far more confident in her presence, and the R&B star-to-be shines bright in her own right on the track. Ebhoni's flows are effortless and captivating, presenting the energy of more mellow SZA with a unique tone and attitude woven throughout her runs. "Mercy" is a wonderfully interesting, and rare, indie collaboration that showcases both artists' talents without one outweighing the other. 

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