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"Bad" is Lennon Stella's marvellous clap back [Video]

After teasing the release of a studio version of "Bad" with a minimalist Youtube demo, Lennon Stella released the final version along with a surprise video today.

The nineteen-year-old singer took to Instagram to express her gratitude to her friends and fans after the single dropped. She says: "...you guys just sit pumping me and each other up full of all good things. I absolutely love it...so excited to be experiencing this all together." The video is polished and impeccably styled. It's a perfect reflection of what pop music and music videos can be at their best.

Believe me when I say this girl is going places. As a song, "Bad" is lyrically intelligent, melodically stunning and Lennon's voice has never sounded better. I've said before in jest that this girl cannot possibly be human. But to say that un-ironically would be a disservice to her character, as I firmly believe that her humanity is what grounds the perhaps otherwise bubbly pop track (and indeed everything else she does) in an astonishingly real, beautiful space. As of this moment, "Bad" has climbed to number seventeen on the pop charts since its release this morning.

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