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Trade Secrets defies genres with futuristic synth pop single "True North"

With a distinct futuristic style like nothing you have ever heard before, Trade Secrets defies genres creating an original sound all their own.  Trade Secrets was founded by multi-instrumentalist F.J. DeSanto.  Their leading single “True North” is off of the album Before We Vanish and definitely lives up to the hype.  The track features an electronic blend of dreamy synths and a techno beat paired with vocals reminiscent of Depeche Mode

With a cohesive desire to make forward-thinking music, "True North" though delivering 80’s vibes, still manages to stay current reflecting the band’s wide range of musical influences.  From synth pop to cinematic instrumentals, Trade Secrets’ wide variety of sounds make their newest album Before We Vanish a highly anticipated hit.

“True North” focuses on an emotive response to being lost in a big city and the uncertainty of life, as well as being unaware of what may come next.  “It’s always fascinating and at least a little dangerous. It’s about looking out over a sprawling city and embracing being a tiny speck of dust in a giant world. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are, there is always a desire to know what lies in the shadows of our hearts and souls”, confides DeSanto.  Take a listen to the stunning new single. 

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