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Blesd reminds us to be thankful in "Gratitude"

Los Angeles-based R&B/soul band Blesd, is a blessing no longer in disguise. The five person group, comprised of Ayo Awosika, Brock Pollock, Lily Elise, Jeremy Lawrence and Joe Conner, are on a mission to spread love, inspire unity, and cultivate connections with everyone who hears their music. Their powerful lyricism makes for evocative, heart-wrenching songs that truly bridges the gap between people and music.

Their newest single "Gratitude" is set for official release on September 14th.

"Gratitude" is a strong message of appreciation delivered through infectious, powerful vocals. Its simplicity is uplifting and soulful, exceedingly touching with its orchestral like hums and hymns. Its simple message of thankfulness, often something we neglect to think of, rings loud and clear within the lyrics, emphasized by the build up of instrumentals.

Blesd elaborates on how the track came together,

“We were talking about what to write about and Brock said he wanted to focus on the vibration of Gratitude. Brock and Ayo started playing around with chords and Lily was throwing out ideas of what she was grateful for. The melody started to form and at the end of that session that day we had Lily’s first verse and initial chorus melody.”

Following this new single release, Blesd will be hitting the road, spreading their infectious message of positivity along the east coast at The Lovelight Festival in Maryland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.

Connect with Blesd: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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