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Maya B becomes the center of attention amidst chaos in "Selenas" [Video]

"Not tryna' get noticed, I'm tryna' stay focused," rising singer/songwriter Maya B sings on her exhilarating single "Selenas," but the recent Capitol Records signee is on course to succeed in staying focused on her career and consequently being noticed by a wide audience of listeners. "Selenas," in all of its electro-pop glory, has been buzzing around the internet since its release earlier this Summer. The recently released music video for the track has all of the vividly captivating qualities needed to lead the Los Angeles native to YouTube virality. 

The chaotic energy throughout the track is reminiscent of M.I.A. and is paralleled in the music video with visuals of mayhem and disruption. Although the events of the video are hard to follow at times, there is one notably consistent component that is impossible to ignore: Maya B's presence as a performer. Director Alan Del Rio Ortiz, who has previously worked with the likes of Blood Orange and Fetty Wap, used "Selenas" as a way to showcase the singer's distinctive star features that make it near impossible to pull your attention away from her. Naturally engaging with the minimal choreography presented, Maya B appears to effortlessly embody the role of an authentic star on the rise. 

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