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Claire Ridgely rises up from "Days Under the Sun"

The ethereally sweet voice of Claire Ridgely, who graces the tracks of electronic music producers such as Said the Sky, Robotaki and Pat Lok, is finally stepping out and releasing her first single "Days Under the Sun" - an effervescent, upbeat pop song, perfect for the sonic stratosphere she wholly belongs in.


Commencing on a slower tempo, "Days Under the Sun" is a bubbly surprise with every second, swiftly rising up to a fast-paced, high octane tempo sure to make one dance. The fastidious combination of sweeping tempos, electronic expressions and Claire's multifaceted tonal range, allows for a song that is oozing with charisma - hearts swelling with bittersweet love. The feathery lyricism alongside the subtle stringing of guitars after the mid-way mark, is the epitome of an evocative love song, a sonic whirlwind of emotions.

As Claire notes, "I wrote Days Under the Sun with my right-hand man Mike Clay about two lovers vying for success in music. When one of them dies, the other goes on to fulfill their dream but finds the taste of success bittersweet since they have no one to share it with. Though the lyrics are a bit dark, this is a bold and up-tempo love song that will make you want to dance."

Claire will be at Newspeak Montreal with Robotaki on September 22, and Mason's Kitchen Part 4 on September 29.


Connect with Claire Ridgely: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter



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