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BRUX's "Paper Boy" is an avant-garde electronic experimentation into the dark side

Google 'Brux' and you'll find virtually nothing of the mysterious Australian artist who recently signed with Dim Mak. However, despite her non-existence in the digital landscape, BRUX has already begun commanding attention with her unknown identity and continues to further draw people in with her avante-garde electronic productions. Her recently released single "Paper Boy", exhibits her signature dark, bass-heavy sounds - a captivating and visceral soundscape of brooding rhythms.

"Paper Boy" is an eclectic amalgamation of electronic beats, rooted in techno and bass-heavy analog sounds, a perfect reflection of the mysterious artist who crafted it. Echoes of "paper boy" reverberate throughout the song alongside an infectious piano riff that flits in and out pre-chorus. Around the half-way mark, BRUX adds in strong feminine vocals that unite the various sounds through simple, catchy lyrics. "Paper Boy" can perhaps be a nod to someone who spends lots of money, seemingly confronting notions of fate, materialism, and the pursuit of pleasure through a turbulent force of alluring rhythms and repetitive sounds. It is a sonic feast that draws us deep into its wayward world of mystic energy and abrasive emotion.

BRUX will be participating in the Berlin edition of Red Bull Music Academy starting from September 8.


Connect with BRUX: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook



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