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Great Good Fine Ok sends us to outer space with one "Touch" [Video]

Nostalgia is about longing for the past and reminiscing in good memories. Yet Brooklyn-based synth pop duo Great Good Fine Ok, comprised of members Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, have skewed our perspective on nostalgia and formulated a new kind of longing - a yearning for the future. Their newly released single "Touch", has already garnered attention for their signature falsettos, mix of synths and acoustics and overall, being a truly heartwarming love song.

To illustrate, Great Good Fine Ok released the official video for "Touch", an alluring visual and evocative rendition.

As the second single released off of their upcoming EP due later this year, the storyline begins where their "Change" video ended - weaving a larger narrative of love together. While "Change" utilized warm, grainy cuts and was nostalgic in the sense of 'the past' via clips of childhood, "Touch" takes a different, surreal approach and is a longing for the future - perhaps even just a dream.

The intergalactic video,  tinged with hues of pink, purple and blues, places the duo in a phantasmagorical world filled with strange dancing aliens and plant life; singing, Jon joins another human in a quest to explore this new world. From the dusky spray paint grey spacesuits, to the toy-like scanners they use, "Touch" is almost reminiscent of what we can expect to see from a 70's cinema about space and aliens. The close up shots of glittery plants, the dancing aliens and people, of their faces and of the exquisite shimmering galaxies, curates a visual love story that flawlessly matches with the lyrics and beat. Without a doubt, the video is a fantastic and visceral experience of a love story, a beautiful collective of future dreams, emotions and nostalgia.

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