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Kidnap's remix of Ea Kaya's "Tied Up" marks her as rising pop sensation

Summer is the time for effervescent and feel-good tunes; for emerging Danish star Ea Kaya, moniker of Christine Kiberg, summer also means the release of her single "Tied Up", as a complementary part of the season. As an added bonus, Kidnap has released a real coup - a joyous, stripped-back rework of the melodic Scandi-pop original gem.

Ea Kaya continues to define herself against the pop landscape with her frank, outspoken wisdom on sex, love and human nature - something clearly heard through the song. "Tied Up" adds to her preternatural style and authenticates the vibrant energy that oozes through her every croon, effectively hooking us into to her vocals. Taking the glossy, polished melodic pop hooks, Kidnap adjusts the already infectious tune and strips it back to the essentials by utilizing a steady, groovy beat fit for summer dancing. While the original track had a slower tempo, Kidnap's more upbeat one enhances Ea Kaya's inherent message of the duality of relationships and produces a unique take on "Tied Up". Overall, the rework is a good testament to Kidnap's abilities as a producer but also, truly shows us Ea Kaya in a new light as she makes her way to the forefront of pop music.

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