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HARIZ's "Think of Me" receives warm filous remix treatment

HARIZ's multitude of talents have skyrocketed him into the R&B and electronic music scene. His brand new song "Think of Me" was in collaboration with Ari Leff, better known as Lauv, whose song "I Like Me Better" is dominating the Billboard charts. Now, "Think of Me" has come full-circle and received a remix from the multi-talented producer filous

The touch that filous provides to "Think of Me" takes a more upbeat, fun, and bouncier feel to the piece. Additionally, the sound has a much poppier and radio feel to it, keeping the song's momentum and energy going until the very last beat. Filous does an impeccable job of matching the sad yet happy emotion tied to the piece. This is a remix that you'll be thinking about for quite some time. 

"Think of Me" is incredibly personal for HARIZ, as it pertains to a previous relationship. "I dated this girl, and I had no idea the entire time she had a boyfriend," says HARIZ. "So it's two ways--I hope you're still thinking of me and you're fucking jealous, but I also hope you're still thinking of me because I'm thinking of you." 

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