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Sara Diamond details her personal journey on "Crash"

After making a splash on our bi-weekly list, Sara Diamond comes through with a solid track in the form of her new single "Crash".

"Crash" has a  very surreal, mellow vibe that showcases the singer's heartfelt vocals and imaginative songwriting skill. Considering this is a love-laden song, Sara doesn't take the familiar route with syrupy lyrics and obvious tropes, she chooses a more indirect approach. She teams up with producer Brodi who helps concoct the perfect emotive soundscape for the rising singer and her aim is to take the listener through the process or what she calls "the journey", stating that "...It’s about whomever and wherever your journey leads you to. It  led me to love..."

“Crash” is the last single before the launch of her debut EP Foreword on October 12th.

Connect with Sara Diamond: Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram

Alternative R&B


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