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IVY RED drops haunting video for hit single "ABSENT" [Video Premiere]

"Soundcloud rap" used to be categorized as a niche genre branching off of Hip-hop, but over the past year that status has changed dramatically. As music inspired by the genre spills into the mainstream, there is a growing need to diversify the condensed pool of controversial artists who have commanded the scene so far. Fresh faces are desperately needed, and IVY RED might be exactly the type of artist people are looking for. One of his most recent songs, "ABSENT," was released this year and made it to ninth on Spotify's Viral Top 50 playlist. IVY spoke about the kind of sound he wants to craft with his music, saying, "IVY's world is the world filtered through my eyes, ideas, and thoughts. It's a place I escape to when I write, and its the world I take you to when you listen to my music." Listening to ABSENT gives you a sense of this, with production chock-full of dark, ambient-inspired synths and heavy bass by producer LMC, who has also worked with Rich the Kid, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and Raka, to name a few.

Today, IVY RED is premiering a video for "ABSENT," directed and edited by 10Daniel.

The video sets the mood by opening with a dial tone and flashing text phrases like, "Are you happy? Are you okay? What if I died?" The theme continues with angled widescreen shots of IVY rapping to the camera, with his long hair falling in his face and manipulated dark-red coloring throughout. The concept of the video gives you the haunting feeling that IVY is speaking to his inner demons, and maybe to yours as well. That feeling is intentional according to IVY, who is always "trying to make people feel more."

"The centre of my music has always been from a real and vulnerable place, I make music with a blend of influence from 60's/70's soul and the loud, ignorant themes of underground rap, bridging the gap between neo-Hip-hop production and an older, more ignored, vulnerable energy." IVY RED

Coming out of New Zealand, IVY RED represents a kind of Soundcloud rap-inspired R&B music that blends his own personal emotion with his empathy for others who have struggled with mental illness. Formerly performing under FKA LUNAR, IVY RED has performed all over Australia— keep an eye out for upcoming performances under his new moniker.

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