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Yury aims to "Out Perform" everyone else [Video]

Always starting off from the left-field side of things, Yury shows his unorthodox approach to hip-hop on his new video for his latest single "Out Perform." 

Yury is totally hands-on with his production, writing and mixing. The soundscape here is quite experimental and compelling, as he strays from the typical trap tropes taking a little bit of everything and then some. The vocals are highly affected giving it an alien feel while the song structure doesn't even follow the standard with the verse truncating into a short bant where Yury makes some funny vocal adlibs. It is weird to the bone but in a good way.

The sombre video aesthetics are provided by GuruBlue who literally takes Yury's non-traditional style and transcribes them unto the screen. He makes use of mind-bending visual effects giving the video that ethereal/spaced-out vibe. The video is equally compelling and well crafted. 

Connect with  Yury : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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