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Rasheed Chappell teams up with Kenny Dope on "101" [Premiere]

Hip-hop veteran Rasheed Chappell teams up with Grammy-nominated producer Kenny Dope (half of the house duo Masters At Work) for the release of his new song/video "101."

The single is a reintroduction of some sorts for Chappell as the last time he worked with Kenny Dope was on Future Before Nostalgia which was released about seven years ago. The duo's chemistry hasn't dampened a bit on "101," as Rasheed Chapell comes through with his smooth storytelling flow over the anthemic, breakbeat-driven backdrop. Chappell brings the listener closer to his persona as he dives into his tenure in the hip-hop industry and shows just how much growth he was experienced. To end the track he details a sad story of a stick-up kid which serves as an allegory of what to do and not to in these mean streets.

The visuals (directed by foundation DIGITAL FILMS) bring the lyrics to life with their smooth presentation of the message being passed. The first half takes a more standard hip-hop style while the second half switches to story mode and showcases the unfortunate events depicted by Chappell. "101" is the first single off their upcoming full-length collaborative EP titled First Brick. The EP will be out on the 14th of September alongside limited vinyl and CD versions.

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