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Sadistik links up with Awful Records' Slug Christ for 'Perseus' [Premiere]

Cult rapper Sadistik is currently prepping the release of the Salo Sessions sequel, Salo Sessions II, due out this Friday independently. Altars, his fantastic God-challenging LP, dropped last April on Equal Vision Records, and the rapper has been quietly churning up music in the background, though fans, and cooly, Myke of Dead End Hip Hip, are still hot off the hype of Altars.

Straight off the Salo Sessions II EP comes "Perseus," which, according to Sadistik, was "inspired by the Greek myth of Medusa's killer" and is "about cutting the snakes out of my life." The song is produced by Ronny J and features Awful Records Slug Christ, and makes up for one powerful dark trap-banger. Sadistik spits a contemporary flow that switches to spit-fire within an instant, as Ronny J's dreary, trap-drum ridden production fuels an intense energy. Slug Christ takes reign for the second verse, vocally gliding over before switching up to a more contained delivery. "Perseus" stands as a promising glimpse into Salo Sessions II, and proves, once again, Sadistik has no problem crafting his own signature lane. 

Pre-order Salo Sessions II over at Sadistik's official Bandcamp.

Salo Sessions II tracklist:

1. Kerosene Dreams
2. Yokai 
3. Crown
4. The Way Down (feat. Trizz)
5. Echoes (feat. Deacon the Villain)
6. Heaven's Gate Away Team
7. Perseus (Remix) (feat. Slug Christ)

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