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Claire George explores the impermanence of relationships in dreamy new pop single "Where Do You Go?" [Premiere]

Following the release of her debut single "Orbits" via Kitsune earlier this year, songwriter and producer Claire George is back with a new single, "Where Do You Go?". This latest record is a dreamy waltz of captivating vocals and enchanting melodies. Hit play below: 

This latest single contains a wide range of intricate digital sounds laced so gently together by Claire George's serene vocal delivery. The end result is this enchanting experimental ballad befitting an early Björk album. The true virtuosity of George's sound comes from the track's dense digital production that creates these lush melodies that flow effortlessly from start to finish. It's easy to be fooled by the uplifting, atmospheric tone of the track, as the lyrics explore the archaic perceptions we have towards everlasting relationships. 

‘Where Do You Go?’ is about the impermanence of our relationships and the contradiction of seeking out past versions of ourselves and our loved ones despite knowing of this impermanence; it is about our insatiable desire to escape the present moment and how readily we bludgeon ourselves with distractions to avoid it or force-feed ourselves lies to control our perception of it; it’s about how in our darkest moments we will go anywhere but here and now. - Claire George

"Where Do You Go?" is the second single from her upcoming EP 'Bodies of Water' set to be released 8/17.  Feel free to also stream "Where Do You Go" out now via SoundCloud.

Connect with Claire GeorgeSoundcloud | Official Site | Twitter

Photo Credit: Tim Hans

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