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Kitsuné and the NBA tap Claire George for latest single "Orbits" [Premiere]

Kitsuné, in partnership with the NBA, tap singer-songwriter Claire George, and her dreamy electro-pop single "Orbits", to be featured in their latest North American music compilation.

"Orbits" has an inescapable airiness to it that invokes a sense of calm that truly captures the listener. Along with an incredible voice, Claire George masterfully creates gently rolling landscapes of sound and storytelling lyricism within her music. Delivered though endearing vocals and flourishes of beautifully elongated innocuous vowels, this track wraps you in a blanket of repose. The lyrics of "Orbits" contain an intimacy and raw emotion-filled element that makes this track so easy for a listener to surrender to. 

At the time I wrote this song, I was in an isolated place, both physically and emotionally. I’d left my home of five years in San Francisco and was living in a house alone outside of Seattle. there would be weeks at a time when I would see maybe one other person. during that time I thought a lot about space and relationships, specifically how sometimes I'd feel close to someone hundreds of miles away, and how other times I’d feel like there was a universe between me and the person sitting by my side. “Orbits” reflects on this idea. Claire George

This track is part of a larger collaboration between Kitsune and their partnership with the NBA. The latest compilation (16 tracks featuring only North American artists) also announces a capsule collection and an 8-city tour across the country. Both the collection and compilation will be out this Friday, Feb 16th

You can check out the full playlist here: https://kitsune.lnk.to/america  

For vinyl preorder's, visit: https://kitsune.lnk.to/america5-vinyls 

Photo credit: Miranda Morgan

Connect with Claire George: Soundcloud | Official Site | Twitter

Dreampop · Electro Pop · Main Stage


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