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Santi explores "Freaky" situations on new single

Rising Nigerian artist Santi shares his newest single "Freaky", a hypnotic dancehall tinged single that taps into the hip-hop genre, featuring vocalist Nonso Amadi and rapper Bridge.

The single was produced by Genio, who alongside Santi, is a member of the Monster Boys click - a collective that has been carving a niche in the ever-blossoming indie-music scene in Nigeria. The production is compelling with surreal instrumentation, while Santi's dancehall tinged performance showcases a whole new style (Santi used to be a rapper) and Nonso's tuneful chorus takes it up a notch. Not to be left behind, Bridge comes through with a melody-laced verse towards the tail end of the song.  "Freaky" is the first single from Santi’s highly anticipated forthcoming EP, which will be released in the autumn.

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Dancehall · Future R&B


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