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JuWehl drop their funk drenched single "You On Your Back"

JuWehl is a Copenhagen-based duo made up of singer Martin Van Der Wehle and producer Laust Juel. The two decided to join forces when Juel stumbled upon the undiscovered vocal talent of Van Der Wehle and now they've released their new single, "You On Your Back."

"You On Your Back" is the first of many singles to be released by the duo and it highlights the undeniable chemistry between both parties. Laust Juel's hip-hop-tinged funk vibes serve as a perfect backdrop for Martin Van Der Wehle's soulful vocal performance. The track itself has an interesting backstory as it takes some inspiration from the singer's troubled past relationship with a nymphomaniac. The lyrics of the song may be sexually charged but its intentions are quite different. The lyrics are a metaphor for the devil taking over one's soul as the song takes the listener through the strong feelings of infatuation at an early stage of a sexual relationship.

We don't know about you but if where there is more of JuWehl, we will be there for it.

Connect with JuWehl  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Future Funk · Soul


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